Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 11

Learning Journal Activity -- Memes

I hope you will spend time working on Essay 3 this week, and so the journal activity is one that should not be arduous or time-consuming. For this activity you are asked to make a meme. If you'd like to have a look at samples, I recommend Know Your Memes, an internet meme database. For generating memes, you might check out, or any of the similar generators out there. You might also use just about any image editing program on your computer. I made the samples below with paint, in a different pattern than the more typical single image memes. I tried for an inversion of themes and iconography of Newfoundland as an idealized tourist destination. As with other activities throughout the course, be sure to keep it PG13 and if you have questions or comments about this activity get in touch with me at my mun dot ca email or leave a comment below.

Assigned Readings and Overview for Week 11 

This week we will be reading Timothy Findley's "Stones" (70-82), a story that deals with war and its aftermath. The story relates to Remembrance Day, in some regards, in that it comments on the psychological trauma experienced by war veterans.

Essay 3, which was previously due this coming Friday, has been extended until Friday November 21st. Please feel free to send me intro paragraphs or drafts if you want some feedback.